Saturday, August 19, 2006

Body Mod

A busy day today. Up for a run at 7.30, twin-aid at 10, a quick lunch and a dash off to see a man about a tattoo at 1 pm. A new tattoo that is scheduled to start October. He's a man in demand.

The new tattoo is going to be in two parts:

1) Giant Squid
2) Sperm Whale

They'll be on my ribs, coming in from the sides. Owie. But it's going to look shit hot when it's done.

After that, got myself a little mallified at the Rideau, looking for spiderweb fishnets for Full Frontal. Nothing doing. Had to settle for regular. But the fall clothes are out, and I bid a hearty adieu to the pastels of this past summer.

The rest of the afternoon I spent cleaning my apartment, which was starting to look less like a nice place to live and more like a late-70s textile project made out of cat hair, spiders, and spilled wine. Fucking disgusting. But now it smells like Murphy's Oil Soap, and that makes me happy.

Or maybe that's the celebratory beer I had while reading the Globe on the front porch waiting for the floors to dry.

In other body modification news, I'm not sure my piercing is healing very well. I'll be able to keep it, but it's more like a reflected ant hill on my inner conch than it is a nice clean healed hole. Ah well, anyone that close to my ear probably won't give a damn it's a little bumpy.

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