Monday, July 24, 2006

Candle at Both Ends

Good jesus. I know I’m getting older. I woke up this morning with purple smudges under my eyes, and it’s going to take the best part of the rest of the week to recover from this weekend.

Hmm. This seems to have been a pivotal weekend, since this is what? the third post about it?

I got to spend lots of time with Irene and Steve, both of whom are most definitely My People. The kind of people in front of whom you can be totally comfortable making sex-like food noises when you’re eating the most delicious sushi ever.

The level of comfort I have around them was highlighted when eating the Lemon Tofu at May’s Garden with Aaron. That dish is so fucking good. One moan managed to escape, but then I. Buttoned. It. Up. I have a sneaking suspicion that Aaron is also My People, but I don’t know him well enough to be moaning at the dinner table while we’re eating. It felt unseemly. Which is a pretty funny thing to say, considering that we spent a good portion of our dinner talking about sex. The project is moving along swimmingly.

I did indeed swoon for Kepler, and it was a fucking great show. Clark put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them do, and Sarah Hallman is maybe my new fake girlfriend with her awkward grace and beautiful voice.

That got me soaked [redacted] and so I had to walk around for about half an hour with wet boobs. And what do you do with that? Cause the thing that would be weirder than having conversations with people knowing full well they have noticed your boobs are wet, but can’t see any kind of reason as to how your boobs could have gotten that way would be drawing even more attention to said anatomy by trying to explain to the cute boy with the wicked tattoo why you have wet tits.


Next weekend, I am holing myself up to work on 1) the manners zine that Jennifer, who is a treat to work and drink with, and I are putting together and 2) the dirty bits so that they’re done by my next meeting with the AMF and 3) the book review that is more than a month overdue for Herizons.

And sleep. Right, I’m going to sleep.

[post edited August 27]

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