Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New and New

Alright, so the first new isn't so new.

The next round, yes, you heard correctly, the next 50 copies of my chapbook are currently waiting for me at the printer. I hand the very chatty Betty some money, she hands me poetry. And all is well with the world. Shortly thereafter, Amanda Earl &c. will have copies for sale at the Bywords store.

Betty kept saying that once the book was printed it would go for sewing. Is that more expensive than stapling?, I wondered. Printer lingo.

The second new thing is really just a new combination of things.

1 working typewriter +
.5 kitchen table =
many bits written while waiting for my food

We'll see how it goes. Lord knows the system I got going now has not seen me finishing my manuscript. I wrote a bit tonight while the rice was cooking, made some edits while the tofu fried and taped it to the wall to re-read while I ate. Maybe while my toast is toasting tomorrow morning I can re-type it and get things going proper.

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