Monday, June 26, 2006

Moms Never Change

My mother sent me pictures of my niece in Caesarea yesterday. She's started crawling, so I got pictures of her on all fours and looking right pleased with herself, and my brother took her in the lake for the first time, and she just looks thrilled with the water as well. Soooper cute.

I responded to my mom: the exact email, in its entirety, reads "Oh my god! She is so cute! In the lake! And crawling!" By which I meant, look at how cute she is when she is in the lake and also when she is crawling.

The response I got back started with the sentence "You were walking completely on your own when you were only 3 weeks older, so she's not that advanced for her age."

Seems she's still proud that I was a Very Advanced Baby. It's nice she's proud of me, but funny too. What have I done for you lately?

And I'm not sure what advantage there was to walking completely on my own at 11 months when 31 years later my thighs are perpetually covered in bruises because I'm unsteady on my feet.

(I should note for the record that my mom went on to talk about how cute and wonderful Imogen is and how my mom loves being a grandmother. Of course, this made me think, What, so you didn't so much love being a *mother*? Can't win for losing.)

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