Saturday, March 25, 2006

Butcher's Rules for Reading

1) On a night when you know you will be reading at 11:30 in the pm, do not get up at 5:30 in the am to make your pornographic zines at work before your coworkers arrive. Especially since it will turn out that there's not much interest in the end result.

2) To make up for the fact that you were up so stupidly early, do not drink three generous coffees throughout the day. Especially do not drink the last one at 9:30 pm.

3) Do not underdress for the temperature of the room and then wonder why you can't stop shaking as you're reading. That's called shivering.

4) Do not allow your tiredness to let the poet-voice creep in. Anyone who's been to a reading knows what I mean.

But really, the reading went very well. I'm just cranky because I didn't sleep much, and it feels like less than it was. There were about 45 people there (including the 13 readers) and they were all super into it. I think the other readers were good, but for the most part I'm going on faith to say that, since the EQ on the mic was giving me a headache and I could only hear about every 3rd or 4th word. Really nice to see Ritallin perform, and watching The Split walk to the front of the room was worth the price of admission.

This weekend is pretty packed. Possible painting of the babies' room, some work work, some hanging out, some robot knitting, some shopping for running shoes. Some waiting to hear back if the girl I asked out on a date is interested. Tick, tick, tick.

Oh, and if *you're* interested in my pornographic zines? They're $2 at venus envy, and the proceeds are going toward the Venus Envy Bursary Fund.

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