Monday, March 20, 2006

Babies Make Me Cry

I have come a very long way in this baby business. Last week I emailed my friend Nile and mentioned how excited I was that I was going to get to hold the Grs goils soon. “Did they have kittens?” he wrote back. “You don’t like babies.” And I have a dim, dim memory of that being true. Not having anything against them, particularly, except their horrifying apparent fragility and their squalling. But that memory’s buried deep enough that I was surprised by his surprise.

This weekend, I got to hold and feed Fiona Beatrice, sister of the equally charming and prehensile-toed Ruby Amelia. Greg put her in my hands and it was an immediate shock to my system. My hands nearly flew up into the air – apparently I’d been expecting a 43 cm long baby with the mass of a black hole. Or at least my cat. How could she be so small and still be a person? And she is very definitely a person. I started crying. I fed her, trying not to drip on her face, her entire head resting in the palm of my hand. It was all a bit wobbly and odd at first, until the nurse gently moved my hand aside, gripped Fiona’s head, turned it side to side and said “See, not breakable! Hold her firmly.” I twisted the bottle in Fiona’s mouth when she fell asleep at the wheel, little milk dribbles out the corner of her mouth.

I think people have babies because you can’t properly describe how it feels.

In other news:
Today, one of my coworkers, in listing the similarities between Edmonton and Ottawa, listed “dying downtown core as an example”. Bank St. was one of her Ottawan examples. Almost everything I do revolves around Bank St. Same for many of my friends and acquaintances. She lives in the suburbs and I guess sees something else on her occasional drives up Bank. How could she know that the poutine place at MacLaren is hopping with wobbly bar goers at 3 am? Or that when you grocery shop (1. Herb and Spice, 2. Big Buds (cheapest chick peas you’ll find) 3. The Hartmans) you need to factor in at least a half hour for talking to people you know?

Dying my ass.


Jennifer said...

She probably thinks it would be better if it looked like Sparks Street or something. Pretty, but with no substance and none of that running-into-people-you-know factor. People are weird.

We were hoping you'd be at the running clinic last night! It was fun. Next week is "bring a buddy for free" night so if you want to come check it out, you should.


Asteroidea Press said...

Funny, Sparks Street was her other example of a dying downtown. I think she's just used to a lot of lawns and no sidewalks.

It was odd, that's for sure.