Thursday, March 02, 2006

2 Funny Things

Okay, two short posts, then.

I've heard very funny things from a couple of people lately, both comments spawned by Myspace.

First, I got this email from a random myspace guy. A random 21 year old myspace guy, whose profile shot is a snap of him blowing smoke out after a toke. Here's a snip from the email (incriminating evidence removed): "i just wanted to say ur in great shape for thirty.........your sooo hot. you enjoy young funny men??? lol". Young, yes. Funny, yes. Men, yes. Ridiculous acronyms, no. But nice to know that I'm in such good shape for being so old. Especially since I'm actually ancient at 31.

Second, I ran into the fabulous-haired Jeremy Gara a week or two ago at a Hilotrons show. He'd never read my stuff, probably only vaguely knew I wrote. He became a Myspace friend a while ago, and got on to this blog, finally read some of my stuff over in the Poems section. "And you know what?" he says to me. "Turns out I'm a prude!" Shrugged his skinny shoulders, raised his eyebrows high, and melted off into the crowd.

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