Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend Fling

I am going to be having a weekend fling with, the smokers rights fuckers, and records management. My first assignment in a dog's age is due next Tuesday. Which is also the day the Beard is getting an operation to fix his deviated septum. Yowch. I imagine I'll be skipping the class, and not hearing the rambling stories of my teacher.

Last week he told us a story about the motherfucking rats in some storage facility somewhere. 'Cept he mouthed the word motherfucking.

Tonight is the burlesque show. I'm going with fun people, so it will be a fun time.

Lastly, this weekend also marks the last weekend the Beard and I will sloth on the couch watching movies for hours at a time. We're going to take up games instead: it's a toss up between mah jongg (which i want to play just for the name) and backgammon. I like games with clickety click pieces.

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