Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm It

Ha! Tagged with my first meme. Courtesy of Jen

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Manager, Venus Envy. This was my second real grown up job, and my first after library school. And I loved it. Loved working with Shelley, loved talking about sex all the time, loved working at a place where I could totally be myself. I did not love the unpredictability or the hours or the intense (and almost constant) contact with fellow human beings. Fascintating as people and sex are, I just got exhausted.

2. Résumé Checker, [redacted]. The office hell job that sent me to library school. I worked 10 hour days calling schools and former employers and references left by potential employees for various companies. "Hi, this is Megan from [redacted]. Your name has been left as a reference by Soandso, do you have a few mintues to answer some questions?" For hours at a time. My boss was crazy. Sometimes really nice, sometimes a fucking bitch. You never knew when she was going to turn on you and make your life hell. But I did work with some great people.

Oh, and people lie all the time.

3. Homecare worker, several agencies. I did this for 5 years through my undergrad. It involved going into (mostly old-) people's houses and helping them with meals, helping them get dressed, helping them get bathed, wiping their asses, cleaning their houses, dodging their crazy rubber-glove hating birds. I sometimes hated it, sometimes appreciated the people I met. There are a lot of nice people out there. Except for that one bitch who was so mean to me I wanted to kick her frail frame down the damn stairs.

4. Student Librarian, Nellie Langford Rowell Women's Studies Library, York University. Also worked here all through university. I didn't make the first cut, and so ended up at the No Frills as a cashier, which fucking sucks as much ass as you think it would. Then the women they'd hired fucked off to San Francisco to be with her girlfriend, and I was the second choice. I stayed for 4 years, and set up the library database they're still using. It changed my life in every way.

Four Places I've Lived

1. Ottawa. 5 years. 6 apartments. I was just telling someone the other day I used to call Ottawa the teflon city. Felt like I kept throwing myself at it and slipping down it's non-stick side. But now I'm comfortably and happily enmeshed. Even though I hate the weather here.

2. Halifax. 1 year, 8 mos. 1 apartment. Hated it for the first year. Though I met Christine Bone, the queerest straight girl I've ever met and a kooky fabulous person, the third week I was there. She made it okay. Then I made friends with Grace and Greg a month or so later and they made it even better. Then I started working at Venus Envy and I fell in love with the city. I still miss it, even though I had a crappy apartment where the sewage pipe kept backing up into my bathtub and there was a stabbing in the front hall I had to call into 911. But the best weather.

3. Toronto. 6 years. 5 apartments. I got progressively closer to downtown, spent the last three years in the Annex in a rooming house. 4 floor Victorian house divided into 26 one room apartments. My alcoholic crackhead ex lived on the third floor, which got kinda weird after I kicked his ass out of my life and he tried to kick my door down. But ah! the patios of Bloor St.! Grocery shopping in Kensington with my sister every Sunday!

4. Ballantrae, Ontario. 14 years. 1 house. 45 minutes NE of Toronto. Three or four suburban subdivisions plonked into the middle of pigfarms and forest. It was pretty good in some ways, and awful in others. I really like forests. But if you're bad at every sport ever invented, small towns are rough.

Four Movies I'd Watch Over and Over

1. Ghost World - I shouldn't have to explain this.

2. Clueless - "Well, you know how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet."

3. White Christmas - Not the first time the song White Christmas was in a movie.

4. Sense and Sensibility - But only because my mom bought it for me one Christmas. I put it in when I'm out of other things to watch.

Four TV Shows I Watch

1. Arrested Development - How did I manage to skip ahead two seasons and catch the last three episodes showing live? People have no taste, that this was cancelled.

2. The Wire - Omar don't scare.

3. CSI Miami - David Caruso! His sunglasses! It makes me weep with laughter.

4. Grey's Anatomy - How else am I supposed to get my mittens knitted and learn spanish at the same time.

Four Places I've Vacationed

1. New York City. Wow.

2. Edinburgh. Technically, I did a three and a half week placement at the National Library of Scotland. I fell in love with it as soon as I walked off the plane. Beautiful, lots of artsy stuff going on, close to the country, cheap single malts. Wait, why didn't I move there again?

3. Tadoussac. The Beard and I saw a blue whale at Cap de Bon Désir. And picknicked on the St. Lawrence in the fog. And fought a lot. It was on this trip that I decided I didn't like camping because who wants to fuck in a tent so close to other tenty neighbours?

4. Northern England and Scotland. This was a two week driving trip with my mom. I was just starting to get over the worst of my bad depression, and still full of anxiety about nearly everything. Driving with your mother fast on the wrong side of narrow narrow roads is not fun for an anxious depressive passenger or the person driving. I kept my eyes closed a lot during the drives. We saw some beautiful places and ate some tasty cheese. Sadly, it was before I had a taste for beer. What a waste.

Four of my Favourite Foods

1. Kale with Currants.

2. Good fresh tomatoes with just a little salt and a lot of freshly ground pepper.

3. My mom's peach pie.

4. Red pepper.

Four Websites I Visit Everyday




4. The Globe and Mail

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1. On a commune (with my own little shack, of course) with the Beard, Shelley, Steve, Mitch, Grace, Greg, Chris and my sister.

2. Some cute naked girl's bed.

3. Sitting on a patio, in the shade, reading a paper, drinking coffee and watching people.

4. Quebec City with the Beard.

Four People I Tag With This
Jesus. I'm too exhausted to tag anyone.

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