Friday, February 10, 2006

Am I Awake

This week, I was not so certain. It was the start of my abstention from wheat, cow dairy, sugar, fried food and cutting back on caffeine. Jesus fuck. Haven't felt that bad since I quit smoking. The sugar was killing me.

And I was totally worried I'd lose weight, but I'm so damn hungry that I'm eating way more than normal. And still not feeling satisfied because what I want is a CHOCOLATE BAR. Not a pear. Unless it's got a CHOCOLATE BAR melted onto it.

February is a busy month. The first of it is durtygurls this Sunday at venus envy. Funny, Debra Anderson was in my first and last creative writing class at York. She's got a book published and I'm umm, well, I hope you enjoy my weekly posts.

Other moments of note this week:

1) Started doing yoga. At the Rama Lotus, also known as the Rama Lama Ding Dong. I forget who I stole that from. A lot of people have a lot of bad things to say about the Rama Lama, but I gotta say, I didn't run into a lot of attitude. Maybe being in beginner classes helps. There *was* a lot of lululemon wear, which makes me a little bananas. $93 for a pair of workout pants? You've got to be fucking kidding me. And there was a very cute girl in my Thursday class.

2) Didn't check my email and got stood up for an interview with a CKCU host. If I had checked my email, I would have known she had cancelled. We've rescheduled for next Thurs. so if you're up at 8 am, give a listen to CKCU next Friday morning.

3) Had a great coffee with Matthew Firth, who totally re-energized me on the dirty days project i've been tossing around. I was going to make it into a chapbook, but I think I might actually put it together as a manuscript and shop it around. Check out the poems section for a couple samples.


Jennifer said...

Me! Me! Rama Lama Ding Ding is mine! I'm pleased to see it's catching on. And I'm doing the quit sugar (well, it's been changed to "cut down on" sugar) thing too. Hard around Valentine's day when everyone is throwing chocolate around.


Jennifer said...
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