Thursday, December 08, 2005

In a bit late

I have been recovering, badly, from Saturday night. Even as a teenager, I was never really good at staying up late. After the hilotrons show on the 3rd, a bunch of us were up till 5 am. And have spent the rest of the week going to bed really early.

So no writing, and not much feeling clever.

But Saturday was one of the best nights in recent memory.

Not only did Hilotrons and boycrusher rock my ass, the reading went really well. We had a great, warm, friendly cute crowd, and people honestly listened - even to the first reader. Who was me. And I sold one chapbook.

A very funny moment at the after show party. Blake, a musician from around (and roommate the disliker of poetry and sex from another entry), came over and was obnoxiously drunk. He stumbled in, and after weaving around a bit, he plopped himself down on the floor in front of me and this very nice woman Jen that I'd been talking to. "Babes! Holy hot babeness! Look at you two!" &c &c he slurs at us. Jen fobs it off on me, I demur.

Blake hits a moment of prescient clarity. Looks me right in the eye and slowly says "You were ugly in high school and you never learned to take a compliment."

My jaw dropped. From nonsense to psychic truthsaying in the blink of an eye.

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