Thursday, September 29, 2005

Speaking Chinese

Last night, midnight at the Oak, Mike the boyfriend managed up to the number 6 in Mandarin. One of the many interesting things he brought back with him from China. The Empiricals played one show in Yichang. The Chinese government, or The Government, as Mike’s been saying, showed them all around Beijing, and then Yichang, and then cancelled two of their shows. So for all that, The Gov’t got a half hour’s worth of them playing on a float in the rain and the Empiricals got a great trip to China.

You can bet I'm going the next time. Fuck this staying in Ottawa shit.

Another interesting thing he brought back was a statuette from the Cultural Revolution. It shows a man on all fours between a communist woman holding a megaphone and a man holding a machete. The man with a machete has his foot on the prostrate man’s back, and has the machete held high, about to cut. It’s eerie. Don’t know about it at all. Neither did the customs agent, who thought Mike was crazy for bringing a decapitation statuette back to someone as a gift.

The fleece I got as a present is an extra large. When I go to China I will be a giant.

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