Friday, August 26, 2005

Tear it Down, Build it Up

Finally cut a hole around the window in our basement last night. It had been boarded up for soundproofing. With the destruction, the jam space is officially no longer a jam space: it is another room for both Mike and I to use. And thank god. I’ll have a big part of the room to set up my sewing machine, working typewriter, computer, and files. No more crammed into the front public corner of the main room. A door to close. Which is certainly lacking in the rest of the apartment.

Dyke march tomorrow. 13h30, City Hall. So damn tired I know I’m going to have to make myself go. And then have a good time once I’m there, of course. And I have the lovely Shelley to tempt me into going early. Barbeque and activities after.

I’ll be proud, you know it.

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