Thursday, August 18, 2005

On the Other Side

Not another tour again, unless someone else does all the leg work and wrangles the cats. Very small crowd in Toronto - you know who you were, you nine people - who were very dedicated and listened really well. Mariko, however, got the date wrong and did not show up, and I was not organized enough to have her phone number to call and say "Hey lady, where the fuck are you?"

On a happy note, Wendy has been lovely to tour with. Boundless energy and fascination for people. She actually talks to strangers, which I rarely do. It's nice to be around.

Toronto and Montreal are nice cities, but I miss Ottawa. Except for the asshole who stole my bike - you know who you are, you Preston street crackhead - off my front porch.

But now my partenaire has bought me a new bike, and himself one, so we can go on a matching bike ride. How fun!

Off to poster, in the hopes of beating the tour record with a 10 person audience.

Baises de Montréal.

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