Thursday, August 04, 2005


Finally, I watched this movie last night. Inspiring in spots, but it left me wanting. Instead of focussing on one aspect of his life, the film tried to fit in a bit of everything: his childhood, his marriage (more on that later), his project, the open sexuality of his employees, and the dichotomous nature of (American) attitudes towards sex.

That's just not enough time in one movie to explore all that, so I know his employees traded each other around some, his dad was a prick with a troubled sexual history, and that people are uptight about sex. And that he revolutionized how we see sex in North America.

Still in all, I either knew or could assume most of that. The transition between his square, churchy self and his radical free-thinkin' free-lovin' self was not explored well. The why was what I wanted more of.

And I wanted more about his relationship with his wife. How often do you get to see a poly role model in a mainstream film? I'm greedy for more, and felt let down by this part of the film.

But it's amazing to me that in all my time at the store, I was fighting the same fight that Kinsey was in the 40s and 50s. Yes, women need clitoral stimulation. Yes, women need time to get turned on. Why am I answering questions that were answered 60 years ago? And yet we profess to be a more sexually liberated society.

Anyroad, it's well acted and even though it's a little glossy, it's interesting and entertaining.

On the poly topic: going to Wendy-O Matik's workshop next Thursday. Be interesting to talk to a bunch of other people about how to do this.

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