Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why I Love Knowing Other Librarians, Or Maybe Just Chris

Chris says "Okay. They're applying metadata to these photos they're digitizing, right? Except it's students creating the metadata. So I look at this one photo, of the legislative buildings, and the student has applied the subject 'government'."

And I hoot, say, "You've got to be fucking kidding me. Like who is often inside?"

The same conversation, an hour later...

I say, "So I have to send out this cranky email today saying 'Hi everyone, Just a reminder that on the shared drive our capitalization convention is not ALL CAPS.'"

"Good for you," she says. "We've got to fight the good fight."

And I say, "I know, and thank you. But guess what was all caps. In amongst all the folders I set up for the major bits of our work, like "website" and "catalogue" and "networking" and "admin," there's a new folder called TRACKING MESSENGER. I'm curious, so I open it, and what's inside? One file. Called TRACKING MESSENGER."

And she can't speak, she's laughing so hard.

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Psychic Librarian said...

Senior Management: "I noticed all those empty spaces on the library shelves... could you squish all the books together...