Saturday, April 05, 2008

New Yorkers: Pessimists?

Mike: Oh yeah, that key doesn't work.

Me: No, this is the one that works. The other one didn't turn at all, and I used this one to lock the door; I just couldn't use it to open it again.

Mike: Yeah, I was having some trouble with it earlier. Lemme try again.

[goes outside, locks me in, comes back in on his own]

Me: Oh.

Mike: Enh, it's hit and miss.

Me: Okay, so if I'm in and out tomorrow morning....

Mike: Might as well just leave the inside door open. If anyone gets past that outer door, you're dead meat anyway. I mean, that lock's not going to save anyone, is it.

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M said...

I had a roomie in colllege from the edge of Manhattan and Harlem. She never locked her doors.

Also, had a friend's dad who lived in Detroit and never locked his doors...

I am from Indiana which is supposed to be a "safe" place. I lock my doors like a prison guard!

Myadvice: If you leave and return to the house, pretend like you are locking and unlocking the door in case anyone is watching.