Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Helpful Hint for Winning Friends

Don't start kissing someone 20 minutes before your guest's ETA. Because even though your house is really close, you know your house is really close and so your make-out brain will whisper "there is lots of time" so as to prolong the kissing and put off the leaving.

And then you will feel like a schmuck for pulling someone really lovely out of their neighbourhood into yours for no good reason, other than the fact that you are, indeed, a schmuck.

Later: Just so no one worries, we just missed each other. So the hint here is to reconfirm time and address before having tea with someone who's never been to your house before. Though I will almost always recommend starting the kissing sooner, no matter the situation.


Andrea... said...

Well, it's waaaaaay better that you were making out instead of being mugged in an alley, which was my main concern. Had I known about the making out, I would have kept wandering for another half an hour and then showed up on your doorstep to tease you.

Woodsy said...

There is so much kissing going on... it must truly be Spring!