Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Hate Year End

I don't love this time of year. It's about two weeks after the time of year where I'm at work and I pick up the contract with our funder and I say "Oh shit. Oh *shit*. Fuck. Me." And zing off a bazillion emails to my coworkers saying "OH SHIT." Though I don't exhort them to fuck me.

What is two weeks after that time, you ask? What is today? Today is when we're knee deep in the boring work of making the interesting ideas happen.

Which is why, yesterday, all day yesterday, for 11 hours yesterday, starting as soon as I got back from a tasty brunch at Milan's house, I had my laptop and my typewriter out, so I could clickety click away on the computer, moving giant chunks of data around on our painfully slow content management system, and start working on a story in the spurts of time between clicks.

Perhaps not the best way to write, but fuck, using the computer and having scads of continuous time wasn't doing me any good. Switching to the typewriter seems to have broken whatever block I'd put up. I only got about 500 words down, but that's 500 more than I'd had, and more importantly, I could feel those muscles loosening up.

From now until the end of March, the rest of my time is pretty much working and then working, interspersed with episodes of yoga and hanging out with cute girls. One of those episodes, you might be interested to know, is a date. A date date, on a weekend night, with booze, dim lighting, and perhaps a little cleavage.

Having just re-read the last half of the last paragraph, I might have to say that maybe this time of year isn't so bad after all.

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