Saturday, February 23, 2008

Something Big, Coming Up

In the middle part of my weekly food rounds (Bridgehead for soup/coffee/larfs with Michael and Adam, if I'm lucky enough to catch them; Herb & Spice for bulk, greens, eggs; Hartman's for the rest) I ran into Stephanie.

"So, what are you doing tonight?" she asked.
"Enh, staying home. I have a Pixies documentary to watch."

I felt slightly sheepish, because even though I think this is an entirely fine thing to accomplish with a Saturday night, it's not really, well, exciting. Unless you like the Pixies and don't feel like leaving your house. So I was pretty excited about it, but could see that from the outside, it might make me look, well, kind of boring. Like the kind of person who doesn't *do* things.

But seems her two band boy roommates are out of town touring a lot these days, and when they're gone, she, you know, finds herself at home alone, not going out. She seemed a bit sheepish, too, so we got to be a bit sheepish and also relieved to be sheepish together.

It's hibernating season, bright sun today be damned. I'm feeling slow in my words, in my body, my thoughts. I can only hope that after all this staying in and still there's something quick coming along.


madkevin said...

Did you watch the loudQUIETloud doc? I found that movie deeply, deeply depressing, and it wasn't entirely because of Frank Black's man-boobs.

Asteroidea Press said...

Yep, that was the one. I can't say I found it deeply depressing, but it felt weird. Like, these people are the Pixies? That second-rate-Nashville-esque-song-recording guy is Black Francis? And that magician?

Definitely disconcerting.