Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Off I Go

If I were a reasonable sort of person, I would be asleep right now, seeing as how my alarm clock is going to go off at 6 am. At which point I will burst out of my nice warm cozy bed, perform my morning ablutions, finish the last bits of packing, swipe on some deodorant, make a smoothie, and race out of the house no less than one half-hour later.

I'm not entirely sure when I became the sort of person who needed to pack a full regular-sized suitcase for a 5-day trip. Probably when I became the sort of person who felt she couldn't manage five days without a run and/or yoga class. Or the sort of person who felt she needed three extra pairs of glasses, various pills and potions to keep her skin under control, an outfit requiring both spectator pumps and back-seam stockings, and last, but not least, enough rye thins, non-sulphured dried apricots, and cashews to see her through 3 days of a conference, functions notorious for only ever serving things she doesn't eat.

Fuck me. What that paragraph makes me want to do is throw one pair of pants, two t-shirts, a few pairs of underpants and socks and my toothbrush into a backpack and take off on another reading tour. Just to prove I can still do it, DIY style.*

The other creature in this house who got all packed up to leave was Freya. The 4th Dwarf swung by in his spaceship, stayed for a cup of tea, said many interesting things, laughed in all the right places, made good friends with my cat, and then squired her away to his abode. He's started cat-blogging her already, and I look forward to reading about her exploits for the rest of the week.

When I race out of the house tomorrow morning, I will be racing towards Portland, Oregon. It's not a city I know a lot about, except there's a vegan mini-mall there, Ian says to have a burrito should the chance arise, and apparently it's home to a vibrant dyke scene.

So, though my main purpose there is to attend a conference, 4D's assessment of my motives may turn out to be true, and I may spend at least some of my time looking for g-spots.

Hopefully, I'll be too busy to blog.

*Jennifer and Lesley? Thoughts?

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La Canadienne said...

Let me write a novel and then I'll come with you on your book tour.

Your cat is SO adorable. backpack = great idea. I don't use a carrier with my cat, I just wrap her in a blanket. Then again, I'm a crzy cat lady who talks to my cat constantly and feels remorse when her cat is angry with her. Just the kind of crazy I am.