Friday, January 11, 2008

Well Prepared

One of the many advantages of having a close friend live next door is that the before-the-show-drinks-at-the-first-bar can very easily turn into "Let's have a beer while you're getting foxy to go out and I am dreaming of crawling into bed even though it is only 9 in the pm" drinks.

As you can see, I know how to pack for a good time.

I was not so well prepared for my job as Blog Consultant to the Elgin Street Irregulars. But more on that tomorrow.

I did tell them I would come home, clean my fish tank and blog my own emergency meeting minutes. But I forgot that the fish are asleep by 8 pm. So instead, I checked Facebook and cried in the bath. Not quite as productive.

So tomorrow, tomorrow!, I will take a good chunk of time and write something witty and clever and highly entertaining about my attendance at one of the notorious and fabled ESI Emergency Meetings.


Milan said...

That Oatmeal Stout is wonderful stuff. Have you been introduced to the glory of Unibrou beers?

Trois Pistoles, Ephemere, and Quelque Chose are all especially excellent. Maudite is good, but too sweet for me. Fin du Monde is surprisingly devastating stuff.

(Incidentally, what is up with the Elgin Street Irregulars? I have been reading, but not really understanding, it since my first trawl through operating Ottawa blogs.)

Asteroidea Press said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Maudite is the only of those I've tried, and it's never been a favourite.

I hope my post today makes the ESIs phenomenon at least a little clearer. Stick with it, it's worth it. It took me a few reads to get a feel for it. The "What's going on here..." is good.