Saturday, January 05, 2008

Up the Valley

Eventually, I am going to stop writing about breaking up, the number of times I've cried in any given day (just once), and how far up the ass of sorrow I currently have my head.

But not yet, because honestly, I don't have much else to say. It's what I think about most often. That will change, I'm not worried about that, but I do hope you'll bear with me through this.

Let me tell you, it is a fucking relief to get out of Ottawa. The disadvantage of living two blocks away from your boyfriend is suddenly living two blocks away from your ex-boyfriend. And that's not so much fun. Every time I see a green parka I feel simultaneous jolts of nausea and excitement. They're not so far from each other, as it turns out.

Today, Shelley and I drove out to Wolfville. We hit a Frenchy's, where I bought a couple nice things and a couple odd things. The flouncy see-through top isn't so odd, I guess, but I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to try the periwinkle velour jacket on, never mind buy it. I came out of the change room and Shelley said "Huh. Ironic." Not to worry, she greeted the sheer flounces with the vociferous approbration they deserved.

After that, we hit the Just Us flagship cafe, with a nice little museum that made me want to email Eric, then the Grand Pre Winery just up the road where I bought a nice red to go with our Market dinner tomorrow night. Then a nice tea in the cafe of the cooperative cinema with the handsome and cold-med-groggy M-C. We stayed chatting too late, and missed the sunset sky heading home.

Right now, again, we're tucked into bed. I'm trying not to get motion sick as Milo, who is one of the two dogs I love (Hi Shy Dog!), is scratching his face and shaking not only the bed, but my legs that are on top of the bed, and the laptop that is on top of my legs.

Tonight, we're going to Jane's, a twenty minute walk away on a balmy night. What is halfway between that restaurant and this bed is a bar called Gus's that serves up both beer and Haligonian indie rock. Hard to go wrong with that.


Rance said...

Mmmmmm Halifax! I hope I get to check out some of these places the next time I go.

XUP said...

You're making me pine for Halifax and Jane's on the Common and Frenchy's in the valley. Don't forget to take a walk up Agricola Street and stop in at One World Cafe and Lost & Found across the street (say hi to Sherry).

Asteroidea Press said...

Yeah, if you get a chance to tour out to the Valley, it's well worth it. Wolfville is a nice little town, and only about an hour outside of Halifax.

Xup, the One World closed! In the early fall, apparently. Sadly, the Mud Room is no longer either. But Jane's is still thriving deliciously.

Asteroidea Press said...

Oh, that's X-UP, as in Ex Urban Pedestrian! I get it now. Good to know you're still around.

XUP said...

One World closed? Scheiss. I wonder what they'll do with the space? Have you ever been to Lost & Found?

Asteroidea Press said...

Just once or twice. Seemed pretty good, though I didn't actually find anything either time. I love Agricola St. though. We need one in Ottawa.