Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Day

Today was a pretty good first day of 2008.

I spent a lot of it knitting and watching the second season of the L Word. That was pretty funny, not because it's a particularly funny (or even good) show, but because I've been stealing it from the internet, and the only version I could find was on a Chinese website. That is also not very funny. What is funnier is that it's subtitled in Chinese for the first couple episodes, and then subtitled in both Chinese and English for the next few. Even funnier is that the English doesn't always match what they're saying. Funniest is that I've caught myself a few times reading the English instead of listening.

My resolution making was entirely successful. This morning, my apartment was clean, clean enough. And last night I was not a depressing pain in the ass, at least not for the most part. I did cry as people were hugging and kissing at midnight, but the people I went to the party with were very kind. Mitch lent me her hanky and outright gave me a big hug, Karen commiserated, Nico made me laugh really hard. And then scooped several spoonfuls of alcoholic jello off a cookie tray and shovelled them into my mouth. "Jello sheeters!" he said. "Have more!" Uh, okay.

Kareoke at the Shanghai was a bit of a blur.

At the pre-party, we had a bit of a conversational lull. Unto the breach, someone said "Everyone should tell their resolutions!" I was thankful when that was met with a groan. Mine would have been pretty awkward to announce. "Okay, okay. Then we'll go around the room and make them up for everyone." More warmly received, but again, I was a bit trepidatious. Did I really want to know what people thought I should be doing better in the coming year? Ennnnh, hrm. I'll go with no on that one. "Fine. Fine. How about everyone writes a resolution, we'll put them in a hat, and then we each pick one." Aha. Golden.

My given resolution for 2008: gain some weight. Apropos, since I've lost a few pounds over the past few weeks and have put a watch on that.* It did make me feel a little self-conscious and exposed. Like, was I supposed to get that one? Do they think I'm too skinny? But I shook that off quick,** a fact pleasing in and of itself.

Tonight, after dinner, Jennifer came over and we knit and watched When Harry Met Sally. I think between us we have nearly the whole damn thing memorized. That is a great fucking movie. We drank chocolatey stout and laughed a whole helluva lot.

*No real worries, I'm still eating okay, I just need to eat fattier foods and more of them, or my tits will disappear completely.
**By channelling Steve, who often says "Are you calling me fat?" to great effect.

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