Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Life of the Parties

The thing that unified the two party-type things I have been to in the past two days is a discussion of bodily functions, both while pregnant and while not pregnant. It wouldn't be so strange, really, except that the only two people overlapping the two parties were Jennifer and I, who did not start either of the conversations that involved stories of explosive diarrhea.

I guess it's in the air.

Monday night, Shelley hosted a shindig at my house, involving much food and laughter and wine and chocolate paté. It ended up being a small group, because of The Weather, but a lovely lively group, start to finish. I drank wine and ate a lot.

Last night Jennifer had a Christmas Prep party. The intent of it was to bring the stuff you were making for Christmas and work on it in the company of fun women. The crafting was sporadic; the conversation was not. I drank beer and ate a lot.

Tonight, I'm going to another party, but a more public one - Julian Garner, who did my squid and whale tattoo, is having an art show at Oz Kafé on Elgin. It should be good, judging from my ribs.

Today is not going to be a party at all. This afternoon is the culmination of the High Middle Secret Project. Though word is out and so I think it's maybe been demoted just to Middle Secret Project. Either way, it is likely to be stressful, and unlikely that I will drink anything or eat much.


Milan ( said...

When is the art show happening? Is it open to the public? Are tickets required?

I haven't done something cultural in ages, and I am meant to be in that part of town anyhow to try to track down a book of short stories.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how awful you are?

What goes around comes around.

Asteroidea Press said...

Oh Milan, sorry I didn't get this in time. It started at 7. I hope you found the info somewhere online.

There's another good artist showing his stuff at ArtGuise on Friday, but I don't know what time exactly.

Milan ( said...

I missed the party, this time.

Perhaps another such event will occur soon.

Eric said...

Do you know how lovely you are?

If anything awful comes around, I will be very happy to help deal with it for you.

shelleyt said...

what eric said.

Ariel said...

what shelley and eric said.