Monday, December 17, 2007

Back on the Bean

That nutritionist I've been seeing? I'm going to stop that foolishness.

I started because my rosacea seemed to have gotten noticeably worse over late summer and early fall, and it's just no fun to look in the mirror and think, blotch blotch blotch.

He's a really nice guy, but fucking pill happy. I ended up saying yes to a few things I should have said a resounding no to, one of which was getting myself hooked up with this fancy pill company. The supplements seem very high quality, but I'm taking a bazillion of them a day. And by a bazillion, I mean a number so high I am actually embarrassed to tell you and I refuse to take them in front of other people.

He's also the one who told me to quit coffee, which was a dumbass suggestion.

I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I eat well. I exercise regularly. I try to be conscious of my posture. I get tipsy reasonably often, but off a couple glasses of wine or a couple of beers. Shelley teasingly called me her pure friend the other day. On a day to day basis, I treat my body pretty well.

And I fucking love coffee. Love it. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love the momentary high. Fuck decaf. It doesn't smell as good, it doesn't taste as good and of course, no high.

Q: Why, why, why, when I am not feeling so great mood-wise, should I give up a simple thing that causes me little harm and brings one helluva lot of brightness to these dreary days?

A: Shut the fuck up and hand me that bodum.
Last Friday was my first cup of caffeinated coffee after something like two and a half weeks, and my god. Smartest decision I've made in ages.


shelleyt said...

i think i said you were pure and dirty all at once. or maybe i said that about you not to you..

Asteroidea Press said...

Anyway you say it, I like it!

Milan ( said...

I think coffee has been getting an unfairly bad reputation lately. It's probably one of these things that doctors and nutritionists will be withdrawing their former advice about in five or ten years.

Even if it is as bad as some people seem to think, I agree that the taste, ritual, and experience may well be worth any bodily harm incurred.

Ariel said...

This is exactly why I decided to bail on the naturopath. I am generally in good health, and am not in the mood to follow food rules that will only make me miserable.

Godd decision to go back to coffee before the holidays!

Now it clicked that you proposed having coffee together a few days ago ... I forgot you'd been off the bean ...

Amanda said...

goody...let's have coffee together ;) it will be our resolution for 2008!

coyote said...

I'm with you, ma'am.

I was hesitant to bias your experiment, but I personally feel I should enthusastically support anything that legitimate clinical studies say can reduce rates of depression and suicide in any way. Really, I support any excuse at all. Why not? Coffee tastes good, and it works. Life's too short*, already...

From what I've seen of their bean juice suction, I think Aggie and 4th Dwarf may also hold this position. I bet many dwellers in wintery northern latitudes drink the stuff. (Ever seen a Starbucks - any Starbucks - in Seattle in the rainy season...? Crowded chaos. Any time of day or night)

Umm, of course I mean all that in a completely supportive nonjudgemental, nonsuicidal, non-addiction-enabling kinda way... even though you may note my clever and subtle use of the "Bandwagon Appeal" propaganda technique in that last paragraph. Welcome back to the road behind another kind of wagon, where so many companion souls have fallen with you!

* Hah.

Rance said...

Hells yes! Yay for coffee!