Monday, December 10, 2007

Around the Corner

Last weekend, I took care of business. I got winter boots, and bought most of my Christmas presents. I hit the Market and Hintonburg. I didn't have a diagram like Jennifer, but I did have a list of stores with the people I was looking for at each store.

I have not shopped on Etsy. People seem to love that site, and my sister even facebooked me to tell me about it (sorry I never replied, Aim!). I went on it once and it was like the worst shopping nightmare. Too many choices all compartmentalized by seller. Great for the seller, not so great for me if I want to find a scarf for my gran.

Maybe I got freaked out and frustrated before I could find that function though. And Andrea told me that the thing to do is find a seller or two you like, and keep watching them.

All in all, I'd rather just haul my ass to Workshop or Collected Works and wander around the store, knowing that soandso likes this kind of stuff, and waiting for the right thing to pop out at me.

Then I hit the Herb and Spice, and now I bake. Or I try to. Why can I not toast nuts?* I put the pecans in the oven and thought, "I always burn them, I need to pay close attention." and then forgot about them until I smelled them burning. No more nut toasting for me.

These next couple of weeks are going to be a frenzy of baking and making. More food, that will hopefully not get burned. Gift bags, I hope, if I can make it to Value Village for some fabric to make them. Eric's present, which I'm pretty sure will be done for Christmas, but not if I don't go and knit right now.



Jo Stockton said...

Damn. That means you're going to need your sewing machine back. I'd better get my stuff done, like soon.

But otherwise: hoorah! Good show.


coyote said...

But if you don't toast nuts*, what are you going to write about?