Monday, November 05, 2007

What I Like About Being Me

Last week I got an email from a friend that ended with the sentence, "See you at your workshop on Monday! I've always wanted to become a more skilled ass pirate."

And also, "I feel so much better about my cooch since we talked."

It's a pretty good life.

But seriously, if you too have also always wanted to become a more skilled ass pirate, I'm pretty sure there's lots of room left in the Up Yours! workshop tonight at venus envy.

And if you ever have any cooch-related questions, I'm always happy to talk cooch.

Up Yours!: Anal Pleasure and Health
Make friends with your butt! Join us in breaking myths and cultural taboos surrounding anal play. Also learn practical tips about lube, toys, safety and health.
1.5 hours
Nov 5, 2007 @ 6:30pm
for everyone
$20.00 (limited income $10.00)
320 Lisgar (at Bank)
call 613-789-4646 to register

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4th Dwarf said...

And you question your value as a consultant to the Elgin Street Irregulars?