Thursday, November 15, 2007

Five Minute Experiment, Evaluation

Well, that was a fun little thing to do. I must say, I kind of missed not doing it this morning. But then again, I am a creature of habit, so it may just have been the habit talking, since I found the results interesting, but not in a writerly way. More in a where-did-that-come-from way. All of them felt sad and either slightly or very ominous.

No fucking wonder I don't wake up rested.

Also, I must admit that the first thing I wrote on the first day was not what I posted, but about 5 sentences about how much I hated getting up, how much I hated dark mornings, how much I hated blah blah blah. It had been a night of very restless sleep, waiting for the morning and worrying about what I was going to write.

While the blurbs capture the bones of what I saw in my dream-addled state, when I go back and read them they sometimes say something other than what I meant.

I think what I'll do from here is try to turn each one into something longer. And then, if it suits, to join them together somehow.

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Andrea SK said...

I like it all. Experiment away!