Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Home, I'm Half in the Bag, I'm Still Blogging

Hello ducks. I just got home from a party at David Scrimshaw's house. If you're ever invited, I highly recommend going to a party at David Scrimshaw's house, where people will call him strange things like "Dave" and you will get to see the very clever TV apparatus he made.

If it is Hallowe'en, you will get to wear some kind of last minute costume that you might call "silver," that everyone will get their same weird eyebrows on about but no one will ever say, I'm sorry, that's not a real costume, because they are very polite people.

I was quite chuffed with myself because I'd managed to work a binder clip into my costume. But one of the first things that David said to me was, "Well, you've been outdone! Look at the woman by the sink!" I did, but could see nary a binder clip.

Then I got closer. Marcie, who is the famous Marcie of the Spanish discotheques, had made her dress by using very prettily coloured binder clips to clip some fabric together. I really wished that I had thought of that first. Really, how much more successful would "silver" be if "silver" were silver fabric clipped by silver binder clips. This is what separates the plebes from the artistes.

I also got to talk to several Elgin Street Irregulars, who always seem to show up at David's parties, and I drove a hard bargain with the 4th Dwarf, demanding two pints of beer as my blog consultancy fees. Like I'm going to have any ideas with just one pint. Ha. Fact is, I'm not sure they need *any* ideas, but I'm selfish, and I'd like to sit in on an emergency meeting.

Also, I have to say, and you know I'm only saying this because I decided to finish off the Jameson's (and I like it neat, thank you*), I think it is safe to say that I adore David Scrimshaw. When Jennifer and I are talking, it is quite rare that David Scrimshaw does not come up. So how pleased was I when he not only started seeing a librarian, but a librarian that I HAD ALREADY MET and already thought was MY KIND of librarian. Manon is lovely. This picture is supposed to be the two of us together, looking like librarians are supposed to look, but this librarian had her eyes closed and looked like a schmuck, which is not how librarians are supposed to look, so instead, I just show you Manon and her fabulous gams. Hotcha, David Scrimshaw, and congratulations.**

*Unless I'm with Eric, and then I like a hot toddy.
**And since I've been asked if David made a special announcement leading up to my congratulations, I will add this note to say no, the congratulations are more general in nature.


coyote said...

Oooh, too bad you only show slivers of yourself. I may have cocked an eyebrow at the high concept, but you looked great, Ms. Silver!

Psychic librarian said...

You underestimate the effect your outfit had on this librarian. That one little clip, pulling back your lovely hair, added a subtle little “je ne sais quoi” look that fabulously complemented your “silver” costume. My raised eyebrow was actually a silent wow!

David Scrimshaw said...

I'm all flustered.

And people weren't being "polite". It they thought you weren't wearing a costume, they'd have dragged you to the costume room and made you dress as a viking or something.

Marcie said...

How lovely! I feel like a celebrity today! So much fun to finally meet you. The others are telling the truth - you really did look fantastic.

Asteroidea Press said...

Aw, pshaw. You all are too sweet.