Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Oog

Eric threw a party last night and I had a really fun time. There were turntables, and the night had been split up into half hour slots with a different DJ for each slot. A couple people cancelled, so Eric filled in a couple spots, but Mark and Jennifer and Aurele and Bill all stepped up to the plate (the decks?) as well.

There was talking and laughing and dancing and eating and drinking.

Too much drinking on my part, cause now I got the oog.

I just got home from Eric's, where he is in bed with the oog. I'm going to finish blogging, do some dishes and make some pancakes, which will hopefully do their job of soaking the oog up.

Fish Watch

The fry that Tracie's kribensis had are almost all gone now. Eric thought they were totally gone, but I spotted three of them last night while I was waiting for the party to start. They look much less like food and much more like fish. Fish that aren't food, I mean.

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