Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Dreaming

Yesterday morning, I had a dream that Eric and I were at a cottage. I was inside. There was a screen door that I opened to talk to him. He was sitting at a dark red picnic table in a clearing to the side of house. There was a big fish tank behind him and a big fish tank to his left. I was outside. Looking at the fish, asking which ones were these and which ones were these. They were fantastical fish with swoopy fins and very bright colours.

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from Eric saying that his severum had had babies. 300 of them. Give or take.

In the wee smas today, I had a dream I was chasing a mouse down my hall.

At 6:35, I woke up to the sound of Freya hunting. Mouse hunting, I knew before I'd even opened my eyes. Her mouse hunting sounds are very distinctive. But by the time I'd woken up fully, put on my glasses and house coat and had gotten a plastic tub, there was no chasing for me. The mouse was very dead.

What will I dream of tonight? Do you figure on death or life?

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