Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Just Hemlines, Pt. 2

It has been suggested to me that while it is all well and good to describe what one's breasts look like in different kinds of bras, it is really rather more edifying to show what one's breasts look like in different kinds of bras. So I imposed upon poor long-suffering Eric and he took a few photos of my breasts in various degrees of harness. Who needs surgery when one has underwire and boning at one's disposal?

So when next you see a woman walking down the street and think, "Wow, what lovely breasts," because I'm sure that's how you're phrasing it in your very polite minds, keep the photo montage below in mind. Perhaps you should rephrase your thought, and think instead, "What a well constructed undergarment."

If you view a Hollywood movie from the 1970s, you'll see the first picture. If you take in a Hollywood movie from the 1950s, you'll see the last picture. From the last 5 years? The 4th picture. Even if the woman in question is naked. That is what tape is for.

I'm sure one of you out there must have some theory or other about bra shape and the economy. It's not just hemlines, after all.


Sports Bra

Ski Jump Bra

Rounded High Shelf Bra


Edited August 13.


Eric said...

God bless the internet

Jo Stockton said...

It is great to have...snicker... boning at your disposal, isn't it?



SLM said...


And in bizarre, related news ... announcing a surgically impkantred, "internal" bra:

Anonymous said...

I like braless best for you.

Anonymous said...

braless works best. go with it.