Thursday, August 23, 2007


I get about 4 word-of-the-day emails every day. Mostly, I don't look at them, because that's a lot of words. But just recently, I got this one from Merriam-Webster:

transpontine \trans-PAHN-tyne\ adjective
1 : situated on the farther side of a bridge

Now that's a good word. But an even better one that I derived from this one is one that describes me and my geographic stubbornness.

I am transpontinophobic.

Not -phobic as in afraid, in the way that I am arachnophobic,* but -phobic as in the opposite of -philic, as in oil is hydrophobic and that's why oil and water don't mix.

Me and stuff on the other side of bridges? We don't mix. Oh, if you shake me, I'll cross the bridge to visit you, sure, but you're gonna hafta shake hard and the mix won't last for long.

*Megan: That is a giant spider crawling down the wall.
Eric: What? Where?
Megan: [slips slipper off, hands it over] Here. There. By the bed. MY side of the bed.
Eric: Ah. Right. [THWAP!] You were pretty quick with that slipper.
Megan: Yes. Years of practice.

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