Monday, August 20, 2007

Girl, Exploded

Jennifer has an expression that I love. When she's about to go out, she talks about hitting herself with the pretty stick. Well, Saturday night, Shelley and I got out the pretty club. It took us more than an hour to get ready for the ACO Poz Party. This from a girl who can go for days without brushing her hair.

We wore make up. We wore corsets. I wore heels and garters and fishnets and my underwear. Shelley wore a wig and pants. When I got home the next day I was stunned by the state of my apartment. There was stuff everywhere. Small filmy bits of stuff. Lacy and sparkly and powdery stuff.*

Shelley was reading the paper in bed. "It looks like a girl exploded in here," I said as I sat down by her feet. "Who lives here?"

What a fucking fun night. I really had one hell of a lot of fun. I danced, I ground myself up against pretty girls and boys, I kissed Eric hard when our friends weren't looking. I got a lot of attention because of, you know, being in my underwear. I soaked it up like instead of being the girlfriend of a very affectionate and attentive boy, I had been by myself on some ice floe for two years. I was pretty excited to get rated on the fabulous scale by some pretty fabulous gay men. What made everything even more fun was that I knew I was going home with Eric, who kept looking at me like he'd swallowed the canary. That look made me pretty happy about getting him home.

The burlesque was terrific too. Nico, one of the organizers, wore gold lamé pants and halloween teeth and glasses and danced to "It's a Man's World," I believe, though I wasn't particularly focussed on the music, I have to say. There were kings with vegetables in their pants and femmes smearing themselves with nutella.**

The audience got into it too, wearing slinky stuff or getting themselves up in drag and costumes. There was much dancing and drinking and having of fun by all.

I've been trying to think of a good way of fitting in this picture of Shelley, but fuck it, I'm just putting it here because she's hot. Why should I need a reason other than that?

*Those who are astute will notice two things that are not generally described by terms such as those: 1 CD by the dulcet-voiced banjo maniac Andrea Simms-Karp, to which I am listening right now and is giving me goosebumps what with the voice and the bass and the organ, which sure is not sparkly, but does have a somewhat lacy motif on the cover; also, one binder clip, which was out because it was going to be instrumental in one of the possible outfits, which was definitely sparkly.
**Did I enjoy writing the words "femmes" "smearing" and "nutella" in the same sentence? Oh yes. Yes I did.

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Andrea SK said...

If you ever need me to sparkle up a CD for you, just let me know. I have, in the past, done wild things with glitter.

You looked obscenely good the other night. My desire for a corset has increased tenfold.

Glad you like the album!!