Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No More Pipes

So I heard this woman on the radio this morning, an inn owner in Sandy Hill, and she made my blood fucking boil. She was an uptight fuckwit who was mad that people were doing drugs in her neighbourhood.

I can see not wanting people to do crack in your neighbourhood. Drug dealing and doing can spawn a whole lot of trouble.

But she blamed the drug doing on the programs provided to people "downtown." Encourages those nasty addicts, you know, all those services.

I can't do her inanity justice, but the announcer didn't sound so hot on her either.

Anyway, this article just popped up in my RSS reader. Already today I've been feeling a little flat, for no particular reason. This article just took the rest of the air out of my tube.

Ottawa council scraps crack pipe program


The Chair said...

I listened to that CBC report. And, yes, she was very curt and NIMBY about the whole issue. I particularly enjoyed the awkward dead air time after every one of her responses to the CBC guy. She didn't offer much by way of solution other than get all the support services out of lowertown. Great idea. Because it's a known fact that homeless drug addicts (all two of them) in Barrhaven, Kanata, Munster Hamlet, ad. nausea...need services too. Mind you, I do think you have to be smokin' crack to be living in those places so maybe she has a point...

Jo Stockton said...

I think she's on again right now! Oh God, this is going to make me mad, I can tell. What is wrong with people?


Ariel said...

Yes, I just heard that! My blood has been boiling since 3:00 yesterday afternoon, when city council made that idiotic, NIMBYish, cowardly decision. Adam is extremely broken-up about it, because he sees the impact this will have on his clients. It's so fucking sad and infuriating.