Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lucky Girl

On my way home from the latest installment of Divergence Movie Night, which is put on by Caitlyn Pascal, who has a To Do list longer than my arm and both moves and shakes, which involved the playing and watching of a movie called Muxes, which is about gay men (though I don't think they use gay in the same way we do) in Oaxaca state in Mexico, which was very well done and very interesting, but did make me think Where are the lesbians? in between loving the teachers and also the Man Who Was Always Drinking Beer, on my way home from this movie, I walked through the school yard that is the setting of a bit of fiction I've started working on, and this made me think of when I would have time to work on it, and that made me think of going to Halifax in July, where I will get to see Shelley and Steve, and that makes me very happy, and I will also be there with Eric for most of the time, and that also makes me very happy, and Aurele* will be there and I like Aurele too, though not as much as I like Eric, and I will bring my fancy pants laptop that only weighs 5 pounds which I bought because it is better to schlep a tiny laptop than a heavy typewriter, though it is not as fabulous, and thinking about Halifax made me think of relaxing and drinking beer, which made me think of the lone Red Cap I had in my fridge and the front porch that I like very much, which has a red chair and an ironing board on it, and the Red Cap made me think of Eric, because he brought it over, and Eric made me think of, well, many things, but specifically of a poster that he is designing for me for my reading in Halifax, and that made me think of how nice he is that he is designing me posters, even if he keeps saying "Oh, I like it. No big deal." and made me think that maybe I didn't deserve to be so happy and that made me think of some very unhappy parts of my life, and that made me realize that I do deserve to be happy, at least as much as I have deserved to be unhappy.

And then I was home and I met Jennifer's new upstairs neighbour, Danny, who is very nice and cute and gay and moving here from LA, and looks like a non-smoker, which I like, and then there was a postcard from Grace and Greg that mentioned grammar and that made me very happy and it also made me laugh, and then it was time to call Eric and so I got to listen to his voice for a few minutes, and part of that time not only was I talking to a very nice and cute boy who knows where my buttons are, but I was also opening that Red Cap with my very short shorts and thus holding the very cold beer against my very warm thigh and the whole experience was just very nice.

And now I am outside, on my porch, with my fancy pants laptop that I could afford to buy because of my generally rewarding fancy pants job, which I used to write a story for the Xpress that I really enjoyed writing and that the editor really liked and the fact that he like it and called it "tight" made me proud of myself, and I am enjoying that Red Cap immensely and even though it is a cloudy night, I am counting my lucky stars and they really do add up to a very large number.

*Just so everyone knows, Aurele is supposed to have an accent grave on the first e in his name, but it's dark out here and I can't find the NumLock button to make the accents.

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Jo Stockton said...

I met my upstairs neighbour too! I think he'll be a good addition to our little queendom.