Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yesterday was what I envisioned when I decided to take Mondays off. I'm not entirely sure what was different - impending reading? tired of the stuff i have read one hundred times before? impending friend visit?

I do not know, but I kicked it into high gear and wrote a new poem, rewrote drafts of a couple others, got a bunch of new dirty blurbs done and a wee start on the story.

At first, I was kind of meh because I was really hoping to get a story done. But if I procrastinate on the story by writing poems and blurbs, then I am probably in pretty good shape.

Tonight has been a pretty good roll too, redoing a couple of older poems enough so that they're nearly new.

I haven't been this productive in a long fucking time, and it feels glorious. Days like the past couple are what keep me going back to words.

So if you want to hear the fruits of my labour, and pardon the mixed metaphor, you should really definitely come to the reading tomorrow night at Venus Envy. Even if I spelled launches wrong in the sidebar and have been too damn lazy to correct it.

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