Tuesday, March 06, 2007


1. Passport!

If you have left getting your passport until pretty close to the last minute, I would highly suggest going to the office around 3 pm on a freezing cold day. Because if you have the right-sized head, you will be in and out of there, receipt in hand, in 20 mintues.

There was only one person ahead of me in the screening line. When I got to the front, the woman behind the counter recognized me. "Back again, eh?" She raised her eyebrows at me.

I do believe I made an impression.

2. The Cottage

Prince Edward County is a beautiful part of the province. The cottage was sweet and cozy, though it did have a lot of mouse poop in it. All the people there, with one exception, were charming and sweet and funny. Sadly, I was the one exception. I was completely stuffed up and miserable. Saturday night, everyone else had a fun game of cards while I sat in the corner with my nose either in a book or a tissue.

But I took a pill before I went to bed and got a gloriously bat-free sleep.

3. Boy Toys

I'm pretty happy with the latest article I wrote for the Xpress. But with only 500 words, there was so much about the skeezy marketing of sex toys for men that I couldn't get into. And I'm pretty fascinated by the sexual relationship that straight men have with their bodies. In general, it seems so different than what I take for granted. Maybe some day I'll expand this article.

That idea has now been added to the list of Very Good Ideas I Will Never Get Around To Finishing.

Don't forget to read the comment, wherein I am accused of missing my deadline and being filler. I have been quite tempted to comment back, since I most certainly did not miss my deadline. Communications Voir did not check to see whether I thought the beginning of March was a good time for a Tease and Please Special.

And what information would Dan Savage rip apart? The loose definition of sex toy? The description of cockrings? The fact that pumps are limited in use? That men like the fleshlight and the aneros? That maybe, just maybe, men should experiment with their bodies? Shocking, all of it.

Suck my cock, Ronny Pangia.

Oh wait, you probably wouldn't do that, would you. Toys being filler and all.

4. Crusader

In 1963, The Canadian Medical Association urged doctors "to stop smoking, at least during professional duties."

This came up in a Backgrounder I was editing at work.

"At least during professional duties"?

Good christ. I am glad that I was not going to the doctor in 1963.

5. Tattoos

Eric came over on Sunday night and took some photos. We weren't sure if they turned out or not, because my apartment isn't great for lighting. We took some in the kitchen, which is the brightest room, but also has the harshest lighting. We were going to take some in another room, when I allowed as how I would really rather make out with him than have photos taken.

Turns out the lighting wasn't great in most of the kitchen shots, so we'll try again soon, and then I will post them and you can see my beautiful painful sea creatures.

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Amanda said...

hurray for passports and prince ed county. hope you are over your cold. i enjoyed your piece very much in the xpress. it would be fascinating to talk to men about their use of toys. actually i'd love to participate in the workshop, watching the men try the various toys and observing which are the most successful...doesn't that sound like fun? something warm to dwell on for a cold winter's day :)
amanda, the voyeur