Sunday, March 18, 2007


Starting to get late on a Sunday night, and kind of what I want to do is draw a bath and read the really quite shitty mystery I'm halfway through while I soak and splash around a bit.

But first I present you with the mundane details of my life.

Tonight I got to see my wee girlies Fifi and Ru for bath and story time. They were adorable, as always. I managed not to cry during bath or story time, but then Greg showed me a photo of Fiona with a parasol and I was done for. I am a sappy aunt. Soppy ant.

One high point of the evening was doing the Fishy-Wishy (a bastardized version of the hokey pokey we learned at swimming lessons) for them while they were getting dressed. Fiona was so excited when I shook it all about that she was trembling.

I almost didn't make it for pre-bath playtime because Eric and I met up with Aurèle and Mark for drinks at the Mayflower. The time change caught me. It was 6 before I realized the time and had to skip dinner. Drinks were acerbic fun. It's always a bit hard to know where you fit in with a group of friends who have their patterns established, but M. and A. are nice people who made me feel really welcome. Though the people down the way were maybe slightly horrified by our choda vs. taint conversation.

And speaking of terminology, have other people heard of this? Eric said that in high school they called the raphe by a name that currently escapes me but sounded something like "bifteck" or "bismark." Has anyone else heard of this?

I got to have Eric to myself for most of both yesterday and today. This afternoon, we hauled our carcasses out of bed at noon to make pear and cinnamon pancakes and drink coffee while I yammered on with probably too many stories about people I've slept with. I got to the end of the rambling and felt a little horrified. Is that all I think about? Is that all I do? Jesus. He seemed unfazed, however.

This was our first marathon date. We spent nearly 48 hours together. He is an amazingly easy person to be around.

I showed up at his place on Friday night to "help set up for the party." The unspoken codicil to that sentence being "by putting my hands down your pants." We managed to get both done - happily for me, the early people came later than they expected to - and the party was really fun. I drank a lot (for me), but didn't get really drunk, which was kind of nice and kind of disappointing, and I managed to not be an ass during several conversations with people I didn't know very well. Fuck you, social anxiety, I have beer.

Saturday evening we were late with getting dinner ready for Steve and Shelley and Mitch. I was directing the food prep and ended up with a too spicy chicken curry that made everyone's nose run. Afterwards, instead of drinks at the Aloha, we rented a movie, schnozzled on the couch, and I watched all of and Eric watched part of Stranger Than Fiction. My favourite line? "Yes, I am relieved I am not a Golem." My favourite part? The schnozzling.

Maggie Gyllenhall is fucking hot. Have you seen Secretary? H-O-T. She's my new Molly Parker.

I have a great couch. It's from the 70's and is 8 feet long. Part of the reason that I get sad about the thought of moving is that the couch is pretty much stuck in this apartment. It did a fair amount of damage when the people who lived here before me brought it in. The thought of taking it out makes me sadder than the thought of losing it. But it's perfect for a good full body schnozzle.

A nice weekend altogether. Good food, good new people, good beer, my great friends and a great time with a super hot boy. My life is a good life.


e.s.pig said...

I believe the word is "bifkin".
Also, you made a error common to non-D&D'ers. "Golum" is the sound made by bastardized hobbits who shake it all about after doing the fishy-wishy with their friend. "Golem" is an artificially created human, usually stone or clay, with extremely low armour class. Which knowing that makes that line from the movie even funnier...or ruins it entirely, depending on your stance on D&D.

Asteroidea Press said...

Spelling error duly noted and corrected.

Though I must point out that the Golem has been around for far longer than D&D.

A more recent pop culture take our muddy friend is The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, by Michael Chabon. That's what I was thinking of when I laughed so hard.

Bifkin! Of course. I knew it had nothing to do with roast beef.

e.s.pig said...

Don't think for a minute ancient kabbalist weren't roling 20 dice and plotting dungeons on metric graph paper!
I think I may try to make a golem out of mashed potato tonight and see I can get him to DM (dungeon master).