Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking for a Home?

The apartment next to me is for rent. It's a really big one bedroom (main floor + unfinished basement) probably somewhere around $775+hydro. It's in Chinatown.

It's the mirror image to my apartment, which is a lovely haven from this mad mad mad mad world. Aside from the bats, it gets a little less light than I'd love. But I asked, and that apartment doesn't get bats. The whole building (6 apts.) is non-smoking and I've asked the landlord to keep it that way. Things get done and the building is decently maintained.

If you don't smoke or own a barky dog, email me for more details. I hate smoke. I really like dogs, and there's a certain barky dog I love (Hi Milo! Who's a cute puppy?), but I won't love your barky dog if it wakes me up every weekend morning and then barks and whines for three hours because it's sad you've gone out for the morning.

Eric is looking for a roommate. He's funny and nice and from what I've seen he's also tidy and clean. And he spends a few nights a week, uh, elsewhere. The apartment is beautiful - it gets lots of light - and contains a lot of very cool thrifted furniture.


Audra said...

OH man! Jesse D and I are looking for a place, but just for the summer, for now, and preferably furnished!

Also I stumbled upon your OKCupid profile when I was trying to convince my roommate about all the hot girls in this city and we have lots in common! I work on the website for CUPE and I've written for scarleteen! Let's hang out okay great!

We met once, at Venus Envy when you read before Jesse rapped.

Hi! I'm awkward!

suge said...

oooo -- I want to live at Eric's!!

but I have to stay in stoopid chicago....