Saturday, March 24, 2007


I know I said there would be no gushing about Eric. But goddamn. Goddamn.

This is the poster he had to make as a homework assignment. He made me a giant squid. With my name on it.

And that's hardly scratching the surface. He has done things for me that are so sweet I won't talk about them. I catalogue them and tuck them up inside me, taking care and treating them with the reverence they deserve.

Simmi and Shelley were over the other night and I was talking about Eric, as I am often doing these days, and Simmi said "Does he make you feel like a goddess?" I paused for a moment, and then said, "Yes, yes he does."

Shelley raised both her eyebrows at me. Goddess is not a word that appears in my regular vocabulary. I have been known to give people The Look for using that word to describe actual humans. But if you were to translate that question into my usual parlance, I would say "He makes me feel treasured. He makes me feel like a gift. He makes me feel like one hundred dollars, every time he looks at me."

I'm continually surprised by his creative and genuinely generous nature. He doesn't stint with his feelings. His quiet dry humour and quick wit. He is smart and interested in the world around him. He is playful without being childish. He has decided opinions about things, but is happy to be challenged on them. He will engage in a serious conversation about file-naming protocol.

He is the most thoughful person I have ever met. I am very very happy, occasionally overcome, that he has chosen to think about me.

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