Thursday, March 15, 2007

Going Steady in the 21st Century

Over the phone. Not verbatim.

"So I changed my status on OKCupid today."

"Yeah? I noticed a few days ago that you changed your Facebook to In A Relationship. And then your MySpace."

"Yeah, well I figured we'd kinda talked about it. And I kinda wanted to wear it around."

"Oh, you are nice and you are nice. But for some reason I kinda came away from that conversation with the impression you thought the whole categorization thing was a little lacking."

"Huh. Nah, not really."

"Well I liked it. That you changed your status. It made me happy."

"Ohhh. Good."

"I changed my status on Facebook pretty much as soon as I noticed you had. I was waiting to talk to you before changing my Myspace and OKCupid."

"So I guess we're, uh, In A Relationship, hey?"

Silence while we both smile at our headsets.

"Yep, that's what it says on the internet."

1 comment:

Evey said...

Oh the internet... source of all information. I'm pretty sure all facebook users have had a similar conversation. Welcome to the 21st century!