Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Current regimen:

Morning pills
2 x lysine ; 1 x zinc ; 1 x vitamin c ; 1 x acidophilus

Noon pills
1 x iron ; 2 x lysine ; 1 x zinc ; 1 x acidophilus

Night pills
1 x iron ; 2 x lysine ; 1 x zinc ; 1 x acidophilus

I hate taking pills. Especially those lysine. They're kind of big and emphatically not coated. They often get stuck in my throat. Kak kak.

Don't eat: Nuts. Sugar. Alcohol. Chocolate. (Let it be noted that caffiene should also be on this list, but if I'm giving up sugar, there is no fucking way I'm giving up caffiene. I'd get fired.)

Do eat: Lots of vegetables. Beans. Meat. Eggs. Cheese. More water.

And more sleep. I need to start getting more sleep.

I still haven't settled the the oral Zovirax question for myself. A friend has some I could take, but I've read contradictory stuff about the pills being useful for HSV1. Especially now that the sores are in full swing. It was good to hear from anonymous that they'd worked.

At this point, I think I might be ready to give up on all the natural stuff (though really, I'm not entirely sure how natural it is to be taking 6 lysine pills per day) and blast away at this damned virus with some high-grade pharmaceuticals.

This is my seventh or eighth outbreak since last spring. I don't think a month has gone by without me getting one.

Enough is enough.

PS Did I mention I think I'm also getting an ear infection? There is certainly something rotten in the state of denmark.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's anonymous again. If you have meds insurance go grab yourself a prescription for Zovirax and hang onto it for next time. It will help, and better to have it around and choose not to use it than not have it on hand for the beginning of the *next* outbreak.

Sorry to hear you're having such frequent recurrances. I feel your pain, luckilly I've been sore free for a year or so. I find stress seems to be my biggest trigger, but I also shy away from nuts now too (and I just mean from eating too many, not cutting them out entirely) and it seems to make a difference. I also avoid lip balms like the plague, they seem to trigger sores for me.

Once I've got a sore I've been using an odd remedy to get rid of it as quickly as possilbe... I use Anbesol, an oral anesthetic available near the toothpaste section of the drug store. I apply often, 6 times a day, and it hurts like a bitch for the first minute but I find it takes out the sore in 3 days. Not sure why it works, or if its all in my head, but that's what I go for when I can't afford the pills.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered also using Famvir to fight my cold sores. I'm pretty sure I progressed to Famvir after Zovirax. I'd suggest looking into it as well. I'm not sure which is better, each seemed helpful (not used together).

Anonymous said...

garlic supplements. and lots of em. natural immune booster. I used to take lysine but there is evidence that it breaks down your immune system over time.