Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sorry Sorry

Jesus. I'm all kerflummoxed.

I want to write about going to Montreal this past weekend, seeing my sister and having a beautiful walk in the fluffy snow to get delicious bread, and then how I hated the snow because Montreal doesn't like snowplows and I almost cried in front of people I don't know very well because I was so stressed out about the driving.

But I'm angry because I got stood up. I want to write about being angry about being stood up, and being left a telephone message AT MY HOUSE instead of getting a response to either of the TWO EMAILS I sent about the meeting, but I can't do it without excessive vitriol and way more capital letters.

I would love to write more about the nature of relationships and how great it is to have a nice little bit of superhot niceness to talk to, look at and make out with. But my vitriol meter is in the red.

So, my first real post after the longest gap I've left in several months is kind of crappy. I have a date with my laundry and then some exhaustive negotiations that will hopefully involve a severe lack of clothing.

PS (Feb 21)- I just want to make it very clear that it was not my paramour who stood me up. Just, you know, for the record. He would have emailed me because he knows I'm an email maven. Rather, he was the one involved in the pantsless negotiations.

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Amanda said...

that sucks, sorry to hear. it's happened to me a few times too. yuck. i guess it's better to know the person is unreliable and inconsiderate at an early phase. still, sounds like a real [insert gender appropriate curse label here] [[which makes me wonder why we can't just use any curse word for anyone-a man once called me an asshole, and it seemed weird to me]]