Friday, November 10, 2006

Because You Want to Know More

Stolen from Jennifer.

  1. What time do you get up in the mornings?

    Between 6 and 8. Weekends: 9ish

  2. How many beers until you're drunk?

    2 pints + 1 bottle= pretty drunk.

    5 bottles= drunk enough to do karaoke.

  3. Do you like beer or hard liquor?


  4. Have you ever had a one night stand?


  5. How do you take your coffee?


  6. Do you eat breakfast?

    Toast or millet.

  7. Do you prefer sleeping alone?

    I’m usually either with a friend or a cat. Sometimes both, if the cat isn’t put out.

  8. Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Not for many years.

  9. Have you ever burnt your hair?

    The Bunsen burner won.

  10. Do you sleep with a pillow?

    With one.

  11. What were your habits as a child?

    I read.

  12. Do you want kids?

    I have nieces.

  13. Are you an only child?

    Younger sister, younger brother.

  14. Do you like road trips?

    You betcha.

  15. Who are your 6 best friends?

    By household, in no particular order: Grace, Greg, Shelley, Steve, Mitch, Jennifer, Chris

  16. Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

    It would never have occurred to me that one could do that.

  17. Do you eat leftovers?

    I make extra on purpose.

  18. Do you prefer being single, or in a relationship?

    I guess that depends.

  19. Are you in a relationship now?

    I guess that depends.

  20. Have you ever cheated?

    No. And I’ve refused to be the other woman.

  21. Have you ever been cheated on?


  22. Once a cheater, always a cheater?

    In that you’ve always cheated, yes.

  23. Pajamas or naked?

    Naked. Except for socks.

  24. What do you take when you have a headache?

    The magic blue pills.

  25. Roughing it or luxury hotel?

    Doesn’t have to be luxe, but I do like a bed.

  26. Beach or pool?

    Beach. I hate chlorine.

  27. Would you give your number out to a stranger?

    Phone, no. Email, yes.

  28. Ever hitchiked?


  29. Ever picked up a hitchhiker?


  30. Roses or daisies?

    If the roses are fragrant, I pick roses. If they’re not, I pick lavender.

  31. Do you consider yourself conceited?

    It is impossible for perfect people to be conceited. Har har.

  32. Is your hair its original color?


  33. Do you wear makeup?

    Every once in a while.

  34. Do you eat ranch with your pizza?

    When did ranch become a noun that is supposed to make sense with pizza?

  35. Do you believe in God?


  36. Do you have a crush on anybody right now?

    A biggun.

  37. Do they know it?

    After last night, they do.

  38. What food could you absolutely never give up?

    Brown rice.

  39. Who's your favorite cartoon?

    Don’t have one.

  40. What tv shows do you watch?

    None regularly. Whatever medical/law soap is on when I feel like watching TV.

  41. Do you think you're attractive?

    Been called worse.

  42. Are you allergic to anything?

    Cats and ragweed are the biggies.

  43. Ever had your heart broken?

    More times than I’ve been cheated on.

  44. Who was the last person to hurt you?

    My ex.

  45. Who was the last person you hurt?

    My ex.

  46. Do you wear socks to bed?

    From August to May.

  47. How do you feel about breast implants?


  48. What kind of shampoo do you use?

    Scent-free organic blah blah.

  49. Have you ever been in love?


  50. Do you think love is real for young people?


  51. What song are you listening to right now?

    “Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)” from The Gulag Orkestar by Beirut.

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