Sunday, October 15, 2006

Social Night, Not Much Writing

Yesterday was a day of food. I made:

1 tofu spinach pie (including gluten-free crust)
1 vat of split pea/barley soup
1 apple crisp

And that was before dinner. G.Dater and I went over to the Grs and he made salad while I made tofu pizza. It's from Moosewood Cooks at Home, called Italian-Style Tofu Pizza. The Grs and I took a moment to geek it up while I was searching out the recipe. Turns out this recipe is indexed thrice over. The fun ended when Greg yelled out "Fennel, check under fennel!" Moosewood does not index by ingredient. Just in case you were wondering.

I screwed the pooch on the dough, giving us a pizza that required three different knives to cut and Grace and I spelling each other off when one person's arms got tired. Normally, I'd be a little hangdog about that, but since Grace and Greg know that I can make good dough, I'd have passed it off pretty fast. This, however, was the first time I'd made pizza for the Great Dater, and I'd kinda bragged about how easy it is to make dough.

Not when you don't check the expiry date on the yeast, wiseacre.

The Grs crashed and G.D. and I went back to my house and had a little schnozzle/rest/make out before heading out to the Tusks and Acorn show. A different kind of social altogether.

It was so nice to see Samir, both back on stage and for a wee chat after the show. He's one of my favourite songwriters, and has this great husky crackey voice, and is just a nice guy.

Afterwards, we talked briefly about our break-ups, and it was comforting. I really like talking to people who love my ex, who get him. It reminds me that even though I am still seething with resentment, I didn't waste any years of my life on him - how it sometimes feels - that there's a lot of good stuff going on there. And that's why I held on.

The Acorn was a bit of a surprise for me. I like them, but am generally very distractable during their sets, and have never been able to really lose myself in either their recorded music or their shows. But the new stuff they played last night was right up my alley.

It was one of those reunion nights, where it felt like I knew everyone in the crowd, at least on sight. Lots of small conversations here and there, smatterings of catching up.

Today I got to go out for a run, made another apple crisp to feed the horde of LunchMeeters tonight, am listening to Sonic Youth and now am going to go and work on the manners zine.

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