Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hot Ribs

Fucking hell. Motherfucking goddamn hell.

Did that hurt. Boy, did that ever hurt. And I got two more appointments to go.

Tonight was the outline: squid on the right ribcage, whale on the left.

Now, the squid should have hurt more, because it takes a helluva a lot more lines and circles to make tentacles than to make a whale tail. So Julian started with the squid.

Of course, neither of us knew that all of my pain tolerance is located on the right side of my body. Apparently, all the nerves on the left side of my body are fearfully exposed, and while I actually liked having the squid done, it causing me to remember that I really like it when people hurt me, it felt as if he was using the whale as an excuse to dissect me. And I do not really like it when people dissect me.

Otis and Titus (Titus is the squid) go pretty high up in the back, which meant that one of either Julian or I kept having to hoik my bra up in the back. The placement also meant that for a good while, I had to keep my arms up over my head while lying half on my left side and half on my stomach. This had me facing the guy who was getting a tattoo on the table across from me. Who was lying on his right side, facing me. And my boobs, which would not be restrained.

For a little bit, I was kind of freaked out about the escaping mammaries, and kept trying to hoik my bra back down in front. But you know, the other guy was also getting a tattoo done on his ribs and I can tell you that getting your ribs tattoed does not leave much energy for ogling. I gave up on the false modesty afer a while.

Shockingly, no one seemed to give a damn about my nipples anyway.

So no pictures, because all you can see right now is a giant patchwork of bandages and medical tape. I'm also not entirely sure I could figure out how to make the camera work. Tattoo aftershock.

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