Thursday, September 21, 2006

So Little Time

There’s a half written post in the can, which I was hoping to get done last night. Not done. But I did accomplish everything on my To Do list except “clean bathroom”. Poor Simmi.

So as of 4.30 this afternoon, I am on vacation. Three nights in Halifax, three nights in a cabin on the LaHave River, three nights in Montreal. That is nine nights of fun times.

To increase the fun, I have two new wicked mixed cds: one from Jennifer and one from the Great Dater. When he gave it to me, I started grinning like a fool and couldn’t stop. Mark Kozelek! Elvis Costello! The Magic Numbers! And other good stuff that I don’t recognize at all. Punky stuff. Poppy stuff. Female vocals. Pretty harmonies. I’m a sucker for a pretty harmony and hand claps.

Jennifer’s CD has the song "Nerdy Boys" by a band called Candypants. And a Pony Up! song that was in my head when I woke up this morning. I whistled it around my house as I finished packing and put fresh sheets on the bed.

Though partway through the main melody, I did think "Whistling is probably not sexy, even if you’re naked while doing it." Didn’t check in with the GD, though (who was naked and sexy and not whistling: connection?), so I’m not sure.

I am set for good music. Plus I have Wolf Parade in my MP3 player. I still love Wolf Parade.

If you’re free this Friday night, you should go to the Perpetual Motion Roadshow at VE. Doors at 8.30. It’s going to be really good, I think.

I’ll try to get that half done blog done. I’ll try to blog when I’m gone. But just you wait, when I get back, I’m gonna get back into the swing of this and you won’t know what hit you.

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