Monday, September 04, 2006


Oh! Oh! Oh!

What fun.

Travelling with Jennifer and Adam was so easy. They are two very funny people, and we regularly had each other in stitches. And they were very kind when we had to hang around and wait for almost everyone else get into the Metro so that I wouldn't freak out in the crowd. Adam threatened to spray us with the stinky Axe body spray - "Sex in a can" the promo girls called out at us. Really bad sex, apparently, where everyone is having fake orgasms in their Hummers - a sad premonition of our accomodation.

The first word that came to my mind when I went into the bathroom at the hostel was "insalubrious." As in, sitting on the toilet holding my breath against the smell of piss: "This hostel is insalubrious." And then the creaky child-sized bunk beds with lumpy mattresses that made various parts of my body either ache or go numb. I lay awake, trying to move as little as possible, sighing with relief when Jennifer above me moved so I could move too and the bed would only squeak once. Turns out she was doing the same thing.

The pièce de résistance, however, was the air freshener. The room didn't smell *bad*, but it did smell. Nothing a good vacuum and airing out wouldn't fix. Instead, they installed an automatic air fresher. Every 20 minutes or so, it made this loud cranking noise, and then a mechanical fart and out spewed this orange toxin smell into the air. If it weren't my old bones waking me up, it was the crank-fart of the freshener.

Aside from that, the only downside of the weekend was Starsailor, who were truly, truly terrible. I am convinced that the lead singer is the demon spawn of Neil Diamond and Axl Rose. Eesh.

There was a bunch of stuff that was neutral, and by that I mean ignorable. We easily entertained ourselves.

So many highlights. Wolf Parade put on a rather uneven set, and I almost broke up with My Fake Boyfriend, Spencer Krug, because he's grown back his ridiculous '70s-style mustache. Insupportable even in a fake boyfriend. But they made up for it all by playing my favourite song ever, which I have listened to probabaly 6 times today, and am listening to again right now, "I'll Believe in Anything." And I cried. I almost had a complete sobbing breakdown, but managed to at least rein that in to a few controlled tears. Luckily I did it in front of Jennifer, who knows that sometimes you are just overcome. I feel like I need them to come back to Ottawa soon.

Sonic Youth rocked my fucking socks off. Kim Gordon. Oh, Kim Gordon. She is the coolest person who has ever lived. I. Oh. If I could be half that creative and wicked, I'd die a happy woman. I recognized a lot of the songs, which only got better live, and didn't recognize a bunch of songs, which were still fucking amazing.

Turns out my sister and her boyfriend were going too, so we met up with them a bunch. Enjoyed some Flaming Lips together, some Hidden Cameras. It was great to have them there too. A family excursion!

Isn't she beautiful?

And so ends my official comeback blog entry. I've missed you, Internet.

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